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BeerSmith 2.0

BeerSmith is on tap at Bull City for $22!

We are big fans of BeerSmith here at Bull City Homebrew. It's a champ for putting together recipes and getting the most out of your brewing. We're happy to announce that we are now official resellers of BeerSmith, and it will be available for purchase at the store. The suggested retail price is $27.50, but because we think it's such an important addition to your brewing, we're going to offer it for $22.00. That's a 20% discount for Bull City Homebrew customers!

BeerSmith and Bull City Homebrew Inventory

We realize that if you're going to use BeerSmith, then you need to be able to know Bull City Homebrew's stock. If you make a recipe that includes Golden Promise Malt, you want to know that we carry it. To help with this, we've made some BeerSmith files that you can download and use to put together recipes, and know for certain that we carry every ingredient you need for that recipe.

Water Profiles

Kyle has also included the local water profiles for Durham and Cary. Doug Widman and Charlie McGee very generously sent us their BeerSmith water profile for Chapel Hill and Carrboro, and we appreciate their research and allowing us to use their data. Not enough info was found for Raleigh, so if someone has that, please let us know. Also included is Martin Brungard's water profiles for different beer styles. We really appreciate that he allowed us to include them. According to Martin, "The included Bru'n Water profiles won't solve the dilema of how much alkalinity the brewing water needs for a particular brew. Please use the Bru'n Water Excel Application for that," which is available on his web site.


Grain (Grain.bsmx) updated 10/16/16
Hops (Hops.bsmx) updated 6/24/17
Yeast (Yeast.bsmx) updated 6/12/16
Water profiles (Water.bsmx) updated 3/23/16
Miscellaneous (Misc.bsmx) updated 7/12/16
Recipes (Recipe.bsmx) updated 6/24/17

Warning! Using the instructions listed below will overwrite your items! For instance if you copy our Recipe.bsmx to your data folder your recipes will be replaced with ours. Open the .bsmx file with Beersmith instead of copying them. While in Beersmith you can copy/paste individual or multiple items.

To use these files, do the following:

  1. Download them to your computer.
  2. Close BeerSmith 2 if it is running.
  3. Copy them to your personal BeerSmith folder.
        On Windows, this is "C:\Users\[your account]\Documents\BeerSmith2"
        On Mac, this is "~/Documents/BeerSmith2/"
  4. Start BeerSmith 2.
You should now have all of the grains, hops and yeast we stock in the store available to make recipes with, as well as the local water profiles. We hope that you'll come in and pick up a copy if you don't have one already. It will definitely take your brewing to the next level.