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Kyle's Hot Pepper Porter

You can make this beer!

If you're interested in this beer, it's easy to make it yourself at home. If you already know how to homebrew, you can simply print out this recipe and pick up the ingredients in the store to make it. We also recommend calling ahead to the store at 919-682-0300 to check that we have the ingredients you need in stock before you make a trip out.

Click here for the extract recipe

Click here for the all-grain recipe

Click here for the partial mash recipe

Click here for the one gallon recipe

If you've never made beer before...

No problem! We can help you learn how:

1. Getting started Guide: This is a guide that we made that shows you what you need to know to get started homebrewing. It includes a minimum checklist of what you need that you can bring to the store with you.
2. Brew School: This is our 101 level class designed for people who have never brewed a batch of beer before and are interested in learning how, or for people that have made a batch or two and still have questions. You'll learn everything you need to know to to brew this recipe kit. No prior knowledge of homebrewing is required.